The art of  Natique

Once upon a time…

Every beginning is almost the same, the new adventure starts from desire, creative and restful mind, and bravery.

Making clothes from the age of 10, starting from babies’ dresses and continuing with self and family members', slowly but surely you start developing passion not only for excellent quality, but also for endless variety of choices given to you by your own imagination. You start playing with elements and colors, shapes and textures. You start creating your own designs. And THIS IS FUN! You start enjoying it on your own, but very quickly this passion exceeds your own demand, and here the bravery comes in. You have to gain the courage and step out the boundaries, you have to learn to think big. And this is fun too!

I do hope Natique’s dress will make every woman who wears it feel special, elegant, unique. The beauty has no determination, no face or shape. It comes from internal confidence and comfort, from satisfaction and happiness.

Our promise


Creating clothes for you, we use premium materials, starting from fabric and ending with little accent details. Tango dresses have to be not only beautiful, but also comfortable on a dance floor.



One of Natique's key  rules is  focusing on product quality. We want a long happy life for all our dresses, which is only possible if the quality is constantly maintained on a high level.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send back the the item in original condition, not worn and unwashed, within 30 days of purchase and we will issue a refund or apply a credit towards a new order.

Our Product

To ensure that wearing a dress from Natique you will have an unforgettable pleasant experience, we make a promise: there will be no other dress like yours on a dancefloor, no matter how far you go.

We are making one-of-a-kind dresses, which means you will not find the exact same one anywhere in the world.

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